Why Write A Book?

Welcome back! Let’s kick this thing off right!


I don’t consider myself a writer, but someone who needed to communicate ideas too detailed for spoken words. That being said, this year I’ll be more on top of communication starting with;

A) Conveying my cruise ship work experiences by writing a book about it.

I’d rather not be the “cruise ship DJ” guy by making that the main focus of the blog. I feel like doing that would be selling myself and more importantly, the people reading this short. Kind of like if my adventures had stopped with the end of my last contract; luckily for us I’ve gotten into quite a few situations since then.
So I’m writing a book about the first contract experience as a how-to with some memoirs mixed in; it’s going to be VERY entertaining for the people who’ve been wondering about working on cruise ships and informative for the people wondering what I was doing out on the open seas for a year. With the book format I can better tell you about that lifestyle and save your computer a lot of battery power; paperbacks don’t need charging and you can keep them on during your flight!

I’m writing it for a person interested in working in Entertainment who’s wondering about their options. You know the type. Part-time performer, part-time barista who needs to flex their skill set past plays at their community college. Or maybe a college grad who’s job market just isn’t hiring even though they’ve got the skill and they drank a LOT of RedBull to get that degree. Might even be a person trying to navigate the whole “I want to travel but my money isn’t that great to support me wandering the planet for a year”. Whoever you are, when the book hits know that you have options and that you’re in safe hands.

As for what I’ll be talking about in upcoming entries… You’ll be getting my take on the music and entertainment industries as well as my ventures outside of those (because what’s life without hobbies?).

There’s also the part where I tell you what life on tour is like through Australia, China,  Japan and Los Angeles. For now, you should click “Like” on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates.

Happy 2014!


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