It’s an Arnie sarnie! Schwarzenegger delivers 78,000 calorie creation to online series Epic Meal Time

I’m horrified and intrigued that this even exists.


Here’s how you make a sandwich, Arnold Schwarzenegger style – complete with ostrich eggs, steak, bacon, and almost 80,000 calories.

The action movie star whipped up the mammoth ‘Steak and Egger’ sarnie during an appearance on YouTube channel Epic Meal Time, known for its bizarre culinary creations.

The ensuing clip sees Schwarzenegger frying ostrich eggs on a military tank, doing push-ups on a layer of cheese to flatten it into the filling and promising viewers that the finished sandwich ‘will be so meaty it will make a weak man cry’.

None of this, however, appeared to deter the presenters of Epic Meal Time, who tucked in to the gigantic creation as Arnie told them it was ‘good protein’.

Here – for those who couldn’t quite keep up – is the full breakdown of just what went in to that sandwich, and how the calorie and fat totals increased as the…

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