You Can Be Good At More Than One Thing

My current life/career path. Why limit yourself?

Thought Catalog


Bruce Dickinson is a:

-lead singer in a band that sold 85 million records
-acclaimed solo artist
-professional airline pilot
-bestselling novelist
-Olympic-level fencer
-radio DJ
-and who knows what else.

He is not a record producer and he does not wear “gold plated diapers” but he is good at a lot of things.

I hate this idea that we can only be good at one thing. Or that people who try their hand at many projects are somehow exceptional “Renaissance Men.”

It’s perfectly reasonable and attainable to be really good at a lot of things.

In my short life, I have done my fair share of work. Been a Hollywood executive. Been a researcher. Been a writer. Been a marketer. Been a strategist. At one point I was doing all these things simultaneously, going from one office to the other.

I’m not “world’s greatest” at any of…

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