It’s been two years since I started doing the DJ thing full-time. A lot has happened. A lot is about to happen.
I’ll give you the bullet points!

– I’m using my MC skills on a lot of songs. I am not a rapper.
– I’m writing a lot of songs. And working on production for myself and others.
– I formed a band. Or two.
– There’s a single coming out that I’m featured on and I’m sticking to features for the foreseeable future. Again, I don’t have any solo plans; no album, no mixtape, no solo projects for the time being.

– What brought all of this on?

Nine years of off and on DJ work, looking at what I wanted out of this career I’m building, and interest in other facets of music outside of what got me this far in the first place.

– What got you this far in the first place?

My old job on cruise ships was the first big step. Moving to a new city on a new continent was the second. Having every plan I had blow up in my face for the first month or two and making things work and happen anyway was third. There are other things involved but you get the idea.

I haven’t abandoned DJ life at all, just leveraging it into something greater. Bigger goals require bigger thinking.
Thank you to everyone who’s seen my growth as an artist and person, I do it for you all.






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